When is the best time to sell?

When is the best time to sell?

There are all kinds of myths concerning the best time to sell, however, every neighbourhood and every house is totally different. Broadly speaking, the best time to sell your house is when there are the most amount of buyers actively looking to buy.

That said, however, spring always comes out on top as the best time to sell. This is most likely because people are at home, they’re not engaged with busy periods like the summer holidays or busy with festive celebrations.

A smart thing to remember is that in spring, your home will look better once the garden is coming into bloom and also the sun is out for longer.

Summer has never been the most effective time to sell a home. Lots of people go away and if you’re attempting to sell to families, you ought to keep in mind that they’re either going to be away or having most of their time preoccupied with child care throughout the school holidays.

Autumn can be a good time to sell. When the weather’s mild your home can still look smart, plus there are not any major holidays to contend with. Ensure you’re able to move quickly if you do find a buyer, though, because, after October, the market tends to slow right down.

Winter is often a difficult time to sell a home, particularly before Christmas. If you’re not planning to be able to place your home on the market before December, it is most likely worth waiting until January once people start to think about the year ahead.

In reality, there are buyers out there 365 days a year. People tend to move home based on family circumstances – a new job, a new baby or downsizing. These events happen regardless of the time of year, so the demand still exists, regardless of the weather or the shorter days.

Smart Advice

If you’re not ready to sell your home yet, simply, don’t sell. It is much more important to find a time that works for you. If you rush your home onto the market, without preparing it, you may set yourself up for a fall. If you do get a buyer, you should be ready to move as quickly as possible, before they may change their mind.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to sell a house within 4-6 weeks, after this period property becomes “old news” and buyers start getting suspicious. They tend to assume something is wrong with the property and you risk your chance of getting the best price.


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